Cleaning Instructions


For Your Duo-Form Bath Products

cleaning instuctions

The all-plastic exterior of your new DUO-FORM[1] bath products are made of RUGGED ABS polymers, so taking care of your new Duo-Form bath enclosure’s surface is a BREEZE. Be sure to use the recommended cleaning products according to our manufacturer instructions (below).


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For normal cleaning needs:

The following commercial cleaning products are readily available and safe when properly used:

  • DUO Plastic Cleaner
  • Fantastik[2]
  • WD-40[9]
  • Ivory soap[4] (liquid or flake) in a water solution
  • Scrubbing Bubbles[2]
  • Pine Sol[3]
  • Formula 409[3]
  • Windex[7]
  • Simple Green[5]
  • Spic and Span[4]

For heavy-duty cleaning needs:

The following commercial cleaners are recommended:

  • OOPS[8]
  • Soft Scrub[3]
  • Turtle Wax[6]
  • Turtle Wax[6] Bug & Tar and tree sap remover

After cleaning, all surfaces should be rinsed with clean water.

Avoid using the following cleaners:

Acetone or any products that contain esters, ethers, ketones, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, and isopropanol in concentrations greater than 25%. Use of any of these materials could damage the surface of your enclosure.

Do not use any cleaners containing citrus oils as this could cause severe damage to your unit.

The surface of your new Duo-Form Bath Enclosure is made of a remarkable combination of engineering polymers that, with proper care and attention, can retain its “brand new” look for a long, long time.

The outer layer of tough ABS resin, the same material used for telephone housings, computer diskettes and thousands of other demanding applications.


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