Available in Thermo Shield Shade
Specially designed to help reduce heat and light in your RV by reducing UV effect.
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22" x 30"
Thermo Shield 
rv skylight shade

The Duo Form Thermo Shield Skylight Shade includes our DUO Heat Shielding Technology to help reflect light rays back out of your RV- blocking even more heat and light from your RV interior.


It is designed to  provide complete edge-to-edge coverage, without a perforated curtain, blocking  nearly all the light from your RV. This model is perfect to provide ultimate temperature and light control and will reduce UV effect!


With these skylight shades- you can enjoy the view when you want to, but keep the HEAT out!  Includes all hardware needed to install- made with mold-resistant materials, ultra-low profile design.


Will fit the following skylight sizes: 22" x 30"

Duo Form has over 35 years of  experience designing skylights for  RV's and we have now brought this revolutionary technology to millions of our customers with amazing skylight shades that fit over almost ANY skylight found in RV's on the road today!

Proudly Made in the USA.

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