• Easy Slide System

  • Reduces Friction, Sticking and Grinding

  • Save your slide out- Repair, don’t replace

  • Universal 53” L x 6” W, can be trimmed for custom fit                    

With use and normal wear and tear, RV Slide Outs can become sticky, start to grind, and even get jammed up. A sticking slide out can actually destroy RV floors where rooms slide on the rollers.


Save the slide out, and the floor with this amazing Easy Slide System. This universal set of heavy-duty skis are designed to give the slide out that smooth easy glide that it had when it was new.


These slide out skis are manufactured with a super strong synthetic material that is designed especially for this rigorous application, and is trusted by leading RV Manufacturers to help reduce friction and provide ease of slide.


DUO RV Slide Out Ski System includes one pair (2 each) universal skis that are 53” L x 6” W and are created to be trimmed if needed, for a perfect, custom-fit. Professional installation is recommended.

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