Duoform’s flexible production system can create a large variety of products for nearly any application.
Designs and processes quickly change to fit your needs.

Duo-Form offers a comprehensive system for product development. Our designers work with you, the customer, to develop the desired product while reducing part costs. Whether it is small scale project or larger industrial-sized tasks, we adapt to fit your needs. Using the latest CAD software we can transfer your rough sketches or modify your existing CAD designs. With our software and experience, final product design can be refined to maximize production efficiencies.


Why Thermoforming
Duo-Form has tremendous experience working with and molding a large variety of products. We understand that when it comes to plastic products, thermoforming is one of the most cost-effective solutions. Thermoforming has advantages over other plastic forming processes that allow us to keep production costs low and develop products quickly.

Economical Tooling

Tooling can be created using soft materials. Wood and glass-filled epoxy are typical examples of low-cost materials that can be used for thermoforming applications. With higher production, water-cooled aluminum tools are preferred.

Quick Turnaround

Parts can be produced from simple patterns. Patterns can be hand crafted or CNC machined Pattern tooling materials include high-density foam and hard woods.


Large Part Capability

Duo-Form can produce a part up to 10 Ft x 14 Ft with a 36 in depth.


Precise Parts

With CNC trimming Parts can be held to a very close tolerance approaching that of injection molding.

Material Selection

Many materials lend themselves well to thermoforming including. ABS, HDPE, HIPS, PC, PVC, PP, Nylon, TPO, TPE are just a few.

Thick and Thin Wall Sections

Thick Sheet Thermoforming technology can produce parts with a variety of wall thicknesses As thin as .030 inch Greater than .500 inch