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Full Service Thermoforming

Committed to complete solutions and quality service.

Solutions that Exceed Industry Expectations

At Duo-Form, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality products, with a focus on service and sustainability. In-house design, development, production, tooling, and finishing allows our teams to minimize costs, energy, product waste, and time to market.

Custom & Creative Solutions

Out-of-the-box thinking

We work closely with our customers to understand their unique needs and challenges, and to develop innovative solutions that meet their goals.

Highly-skilled experts

Our team of experienced engineers and designers has a deep understanding of thermoforming and plastics. We use our expertise to create products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Cost-effective designs

We work with our customers to find ways to optimize their designs for cost-effectiveness, without sacrificing quality.

High-quality thermoformed products

We use the latest thermoforming technology and the highest quality materials to produce products that are durable, reliable, and meet our customers' exacting specifications.

Sustainable manufacturing

We maintain a dedicated recycling supervisor to oversee our recycling efforts, ensuring that we recycle all feasible materials within our process. We engage in regrinding and recycling of all scraps and offer a proprietary line that comprises 90% recycled materials.


Duo-Form’s full-service partnership approach means that clients can rely on us for every aspect of their thermoforming needs, from initial concept development to final product delivery. Your complete product success is our goal.


Full-Service Thermoforming

For Industries that Demand Performance

A Mission to Lead the Market in Sustainable Manufacturing

We believe in the Duo Difference, where we combine exceptional customer service with 50+ years of thermoforming experience to turn our customers’ ideas into successful and prosperous reality. We bring innovation and ingenuity to everything we do, building strong teams and strategic partnerships along the way. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and learning, and we believe that an employee-centric attitude and positive work environment are essential to our success. Teamwork, culture, and employees are at the heart of what we Duo.

We also take our commitment to sustainability seriously. We understand that our operations affect the environment, so being environmentally responsible is an essential part of the Duo Difference. We have a dedicated Recycling Supervisor to ensure that we recycle everything we can in our process, from raw materials to final product. We also ensure that our partners share our commitment to sustainability and are good stewards for the environment. This enables us to use materials with as much recycled content as possible, as demonstrated in our proprietary line, which contains 90% recycled material.

We believe that together, we can make a difference for the planet. Duo-Form Cares.

Duo Form, operates with an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.

Duo-Form, operates with an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.

Duo-Form is proud to be recognized as the Michigan Manufacturer of the Year by the MFG Excellence Awards 2022

Thermoforming Flexible Solutions for Strong Results

Thermoformed products are durable, reliable, and can withstand a variety of environmental conditions. They are also resistant to corrosion and chemicals. This makes them ideal for use in demanding applications.

Go Farther with Duo-Form Thermoformed Products

WEIGHT 30% Lighter than fiber or metal Heavy Heavy
EASE OF FORMING EASY TO FORM - both basic & complex shapes EASY TO FORM - both basic & complex shapes EASY TO FORM - both basic & complex shapes
PRODUCTION TIMES Quick cycle times & faster turnover rates Slow and labor intensive Slow and labor intensive
FINISHING COSTS Practically zero- as plastics are colored prior to forming COSTLY & timely, often include: finishing, painting and deburring COSTLY & timely, often include: finishing, painting and deburring
  • Less tooling & labor cost
  • Increased production rate
  • Decreased Cost
  • Expensive applications
  • Extensive labor need
  • High tooling costs
  • Expensive applications
  • Extensive labor need
  • High tooling costs
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Recyclable
  • Not Eco-Friendly
  • Produces LARGE amount of hazardous styrene
  • Non-recyclable

Duo-Form Delivers

Duo-Form is dedicated to delivering world-class service and industry-leading results.

We understand that your product is unique, and look forward to working together to create a solution that meets all of your functional, aesthetic, budgetary, and timeline requirements.

Reach out to discuss your ideas and goals.