What can we DUO for you?
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Our promise

Four buildings on 27 acres, for a total of 250,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity. 

Mission Statement

We believe in the Duo Difference, where we combine exceptional customer service with 50 plus years of thermoforming experience- and transition our customer’s ideas into successful and prosperous reality. The Duo Difference brings innovation and ingenuity through building strong teams and strategic partnerships along with a dedication to continuous improvement and learning. All made possible with an employee-centric attitude and positive work environment. Teamwork, Culture, and Employees are at the heart of what we Duo.


Duo Form, operates with an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.



PLASTICS 30% Lighter than fiber or metal EASY TO FORM - both basic & complex shapes Quick cycle times & faster turnover rates Practically zero- as plastics are colored prior to forming
  • Less tooling & labor cost
  • Increased production rate
  • Decreased Cost
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Recyclable
METAL Heavy EASY TO FORM - both basic & complex shapes Slow and labor intensive COSTLY & Timelyoften include: finishing, painting and deburring
  • Expensive applications
  • Extensive labor need
  • High tooling costs
  • Not Eco-Friendly
FIBERGLASS Heavy EASY TO FORM - both basic & complex shapes Slow and labor intensive COSTLY & Timelyoften include: finishing, painting and deburring
  • Expensive applications
  • Extensive labor need
  • High tooling costs
  • Produces LARGE amount of hazardous styrene
  • Non-recyclable

custom parts

Duo Form's is capable of producing parts up to 134" x 100" in size and utilizes a variety of methods such as traditional vacuum forming, twin sheet forming, drape forming, strip heat bending, and pressure forming.


Duo Form's offers: In-House Engineering and Design Team, In-House Custom Mold Shop, CNC and Robotic trimming for accuracy, value-added assembly, and custom packing capabilities.

Printing & Coating

Duo Form's Print Technology offers innovative inks and commercial printers that work well with the thermoforming process. Capable of printing material up to 96" wide and 2" deep, at any length and that can be formed into any custom design. Full color splendor with brilliant graphics and outstanding registration.


Duo Form's has years' of successful experience with the following materials: TPO/TPE/TPR, ABS, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, HIPS, PC/ABS, PVC, Soft Touch - Soft Feel, Fire-Rated PVC/Acrylic, and more!


Duo Form's tooling options include: Ceramic Tooling, Epoxy Tooling, Ren Board Patterns, Aluminum Tooling, MDF Patterns

Graphic Design

Duo Form's in-house graphics team has a blend of experienced engineers and artists who will provide design consultations to help develop your new product or graphic artwork, from conceptual drawings to reality.


We take the Duo Difference seriously. Not just with our customers, but also within our communities, with our families, and with the future of our planet. We understand that our operations affect the environment, thus being environmentally responsible is an essential part of our Duo Difference philosophy. At Duo we have a dedicated Recycling Supervisor to ensure we recycle everything we can in our process from raw materials to final product. To further our commitment to making a difference, we ensure our partners are like-minded in their sustainability practices and that they are also good stewards for the environment. This enables us to use material with as much recycled content that is viable for the end product as demonstrated in our proprietary line which contains 90% recycled material. Together we can make a Difference!

Recycle \ Recycled

Duo Form Cares.

Duo Form Plastics cares about the Earth & our Environment!

Thermoformed plastic and the manufacturing process is environmentally safe,
its material is recyclable, and most raw thermoplastic materials are VOC free.

We regrind and recycle all of our scraps to make even more wonderful products for you!


Jennifer Lacey
"As a leading manufacturer of living quarter horse trailers, top-notch quality and service are of utmost concern. The quality of the customer service provided by DUO is not only exceptional, it’s also comforting to have vendors whose values are so close to our own."
Purchasing Manager, Lakota Trailers
Nick Ashton
“We’ve always been impressed with Duo’s products and tend to incorporate more of them into our boats each year. Always a reliable fit and they’re quick to change if needed. Their team has been a great partner for us!”
General Manager, Viaggio Marine
Wade Williams
“As I work on new designs for our model year changes it’s easy to work with the DUO team. They’re a one stop shop and build our components to spec. I've always been impressed with how friendly their team is and highly recommend them!”
Director of Engineering, Viaggio Marine