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Capabilities & Services

Thermoforming Services, from Concept to Completion

Full-Service Partnership

Duo-Form’s full-service product development center offers design, tooling, thermoforming, and finishing services that move projects from concept through completion. In-house design and engineering teams partner with clients to draft, design, build, and package custom solutions that meet the needs, requirements, and timelines of a competitive market.

Extensive manufacturing capabilities are housed within our 250,000 square-foot facility to serve customers in a multitude of industries, ranging from automotive and electric vehicle to RV, aerospace, marine, and agriculture.

4 Fanuc robot trimmers
Titan 3D printer
Esko 2D digital cutter
3 5-axis CNC
27 thermoforming machines
4 Large-Format Commercial Printers
Auto-feed UV coater

The Duo-Form Process

Design and Engineering

Duo-Form offers comprehensive design and engineering services to help customers bring their thermoformed product ideas to life. Our team of experienced engineers can collaborate with you from the initial idea or sketch to the final CAD design, ensuring that your product meets all of your functional, aesthetic, and manufacturing requirements.

Mold Making and Tooling

Duo-Form is proud to possess an in-house custom mold shop and advanced rapid prototyping capabilities. Our product development center is equipped with three 5-Axis CNC machines and a large 3D pellet printer. Our range of services includes rapid prototyping, CNC-fabricated wooden patterns, high-temperature epoxy and ceramic tooling, cast aluminum tooling, as well as CNC and robotic trimming fixtures.


Duo-Form specializes in thick sheet thermoforming ranging between .030 inches to .500 inches and large sheet capability up to 140 inches x 108 inches. We are an ISO 9001:2015 registered heavy gauge plastic thermoformer with an ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System. Within our 250,000 SF facility, we operate 27 thermoforming machines, servicing multiple industries, clients, and projects simultaneously with precision and efficiency.

Assembly and Finishing

Duo-Form offers customized assembly solutions for thermoformed products of all sizes and complexity. Our team of experienced assemblers can handle even the most intricate projects, requiring precision cutting, slotting, or other specialized tasks. For projects that require higher-tolerance cuts, we implement robotic assembly to automate standard processes and ensure precise and consistent results. From medical device to consumer goods assembly, our per-project quality requirements and processes ensure functionality and efficiency.

Value-Added Services

Duo-Form also offers a variety of value-added services to help our customers create unique and customized products. From graphic design for decorative applications to custom coating and packaging, warehousing and fulfillment, and JIT delivery coordination, we are committed to providing our customers with full-service solutions to meet their needs and exceed expectations.

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The Duo-Form Promise

Duo-Form is dedicated to partnering with our customers to deliver world-class service and industry-leading results.

We understand that your product is unique, and look forward to working together to create a solution that meets all of your functional, aesthetic, budgetary, and timeline requirements.

Reach out to discuss your ideas and goals.