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1st ever hard-sided
luggage for pets!

Providing American-Made Pet Products & Accessories, for all your adventures!

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Perfect for the pet on the go- whether you’re camping or RV’ing, or simply staying at home- these innovative pet supplies and accessories are the absolute best choice for the travel-savvy pet.

Duo’s 50+ year legacy in producing high-quality RV OEM parts and RV aftermarket accessories to the pet product world. Made in America.

DUO-PETS Ultimate Storage Tub & Feeding Station

The Duo-Pets Ultimate Storage Tub & Feeding Station includes specially designed pet dishes and the perfect storage solution for pet food, treats, and accessories; designed especially for the pet on the go. The elevated bowls raises your pet’s bowls off the floor, providing them with a more comfortable eating and drinking experience. The storage tub is 17″ W x 26″ L x 8″ D.

Tub fits most under-dinette storage spaces easily- and have been used in RVs for years....

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