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Personal Protection

Providing PPE Solutions For Medical, Food, & Sanitation Industries.
Keeping Front Line Employees Safe Through A Health Crisis And Beyond.

plan. prepare. protect.

Duo-Form is proud that amidst the COVID-19 HEALTH CRISIS, we have been able to re-tool many of their production lines to create face shields and other innovative products to help meet the ever-increasing need for personal protective gear.

Duo-Form, one of Michigan’s largest and most-trusted thermoformers is now focusing resources on helping the fight against Coronavirus by using our extensive plastics knowledge to produce face shields, intubation boxes and retail safety shields. We have more than fifty years of experience in forming RV parts and pieces, as well as work truck and other essential medical equipment and supplies.

We have a strong commitment to our employees, customers, service partners, and communities during the ongoing coronavirus situation. As this health crisis has evolved, Duo-Form has been working day and night to determine how best to use the company’s resources to provide support in relief efforts that could positively impact local Michiana communities. Duo-Form is working extensively with local area medical professionals to ensure that they are making the personal protective gear that people need. Duo-Form knows it is important for them to be able to do something to contribute to the efforts to help combat this pandemic and do what they can to help get life back to normal.

The new normal though may include more changes to work environments for almost all employees in some way. And for that reason, Duo-Form is continuing to engineer new products to help protect people. From Face Shields for medical, food, civil servants, retail, and sanitation industries to specialized intubation boxes for high-risk medical procedures to safe, secure and sanitary retail safety shields, Duo-Form is working hard to keep you safe and protected.


Three sizes available:
Small: 24” wide x 42-1/2” tall – Call to order
Medium: 36” wide x 42-1/2” tall – Call to order
Large: 48” wide x 42-1/2” tall – Call to Order

  • Made from durable .220 Polycarbonate
  • Washable, Durable
  • Easy to assemble with interlocking legs- available separately- no tools required
  • Features Easy Pass Slot for exchanging money/goods
  • Ships and Stores completely flat
  • Super easy to...

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